Monday, May 29, 2006

The Girls are starting to scare me!

Hi its tucker I just wanted to put these pics on real quick of the girls because its official Abby has graduated out of the walker and Jaycie Claire graduated into it tonight! They had so much fun because they could really play together and it kept them out of my hair for awhile. Can you believe my little sister can hold herself up and play in a walker and she is only 3 months old! I was pretty impressed I have to admit. She could even touch and move around. Mommy got some funny pictures of the girls playing so I put them on Abby just pulls up and stands there by Jaycie Claire and they play like "2 peas in a pod" (man am I in trouble I can tell already) look out tea parties and dress up here I come....ahhhhhhhhhhh! Well time for bed have a great week and I'm sure we'll be visiting the blog again soon!
Love, Tucker(the bear) Coon

Happy Memorial Day

Hi everybody we have been really busy the last few days. Tucker got back from G'ma and pa Coons he had a great time! We went to a shower for our cousin Nathan on Saturday night and finally got to meet him there is a picture of the three of us here. It was the best one we could get because Nathan and I aren't to stable yet and Tucker was wanting to go play with his friends. We got up really early on Sunday and went to st louis Daddy took us to the Zoo. Tucker took pictures of all the animals the entire day he loved it! Tucker and daddy also rode the big carousel I slept the entire time but I was in the shade while I rode in my stroller. Well we hope your some place cool today its a scorcher out there we plan on riding grandpa charlie's gator when it cools off this evening and just hanging out we got back here again real early this morning so Tucker is napping poor Daddy left when we did this morning to go to work and climb those roofs Hope your not to hot Daddy, we had so much fun with you and we miss you already!
Luv, Jaycie Claire

Friday, May 26, 2006

Few More Wedding Pics

Good morning Mommy figured out how to get these on here and I told her to put them on for everyone to see. These are my favorites! Remember you can click on any picture we have put on this blog and make it bigger if you can't see it very well. Have a great day we have to mow and do lots of laundry and get packed to go see Daddy (yeah!!!!) Tucker called and he is having lots of fun at g-ma +pa's he is going to the zoo today I think.
Hugs and Kisses---Jaycie Claire

The silly Bride I just love this picture! For those of you who know our Aunt Ronda it is a classic "her" photo!!

Flamingo Bongo anyone? Its a Key West - Buffet thing if you didnt know that already you wouldn't understand. (no children were hurt in the taking of this picture and yes there is no alcohol in it---that time!)

Mommy and me at the rehearsal Dinner! I had so much fun being held by so many new people.

The coolest cake ever! the theme of the weddng was travel because Ronda and Jeff have been all over the world. They were engaged under the eifel tower in Paris. So, the cake (yes that is a cake) was of that and suitcases.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Blogs all Mine

Howdy----Its me Jaycie Claire and let me tell you I have had one relaxing day! Tucker is gone to G. Coons and Mommy and I have done all kinds of girl stuff today like shopping and pictures. I had my 3 month pics taken today, I will put some on for you to see, and it was so much fun. As those of you who know me know they had no trouble getting me to smile, I even shocked them with how well I hold my head up and look at the camera. I also surprised them with my new laugh it still surprises me a little too! Well tonight mommy and I are going to read a few "girly" story books before I go to bed Tucker never lets me read my strawberry shortcake or Dora books at bedtime so I'm going to tonight! I also went to music class with mommy and a bunch of other babies this morning, that was a lot of fun we did "wheels on the bus" with motions and everything! Lots of hugs and Kisses and I hope your having a good time Bear we really do miss you (sometimes) Jaycie Claire

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Popsicles and Packing Today

Hi everybody its Tucker. I had my first popsicle of the year today the picture is of Gus who kept trying to steal a lick. This will be my last blog for a couple days going to g'ma deb and g'pa Randys till Saturday. Jaycie is so excited to have both mommy and the blog all to herself. She thinks I hog it(now would I do such a thing?) I wanted mom to put a picture of Jaycie Claire playing on the floor she had just rolled over here can you believe how big she is getting. Well gotta go I will be dancing a whole in our floor tonight because the Country music awards are on and you all know how much I love to dance. Hey Daddy I'll do the "Clicky Crab" for you and mommy hopes they play your "world" song. Luv "the dancin'" Bear

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Newest Mr and Mrs Green

Good morning all this is a pic hot off the press Ronda sent us this morning! Don't they look soo happy believe us they are and so are both of their families! Congratulations again you two---we love you---The Coon Kids

Sunday, May 21, 2006

We're Back!!!

Hi Everyone we've missed you but we are back to get you updated. First of all 2 big things went on this weekend our friends Ronda and Jeff got married and Daddy came home to play!!!! It has been a whirlwind around here but everything has been perfect at the same time. Grandma Pam and Daddy came up on Friday Grandma Pam took Tucker to stay at the hotel and Daddy met Jaycie Claire and mommy at the rehearsal dinner. Jaycie said the dinner was so much fun and she loved seeing all the pictures on the movie of mommy and daddy when they were young and they thought they were cool!
The next day mommy got up real early and headed to the manor to get the wedding decorated and ready she was gone all day and just blew in and out of the house to pick up daddy and they were off again. Us kids on the other hand stayed home with g'ma Pam and enjoyed the evening. I guess mommy and daddy got home real late that night and they were dropped off in front of the house on this bus that even had a disco ball going in it!!!! Jaycie and I weren't happy that we missed that ride!! Oh well ,better luck next time, all that really matters is that Ronda and Jeff's wedding was such a blast for them and they had such a great time hanging out with old and dear friends! By the way our color scheme for the night is in honor of the new Mr and Mrs Green! Mom says as soon as she gets some pics back from ronda she will put them on the site for everyone to see I guess the place looked pretty cool and Ronda's dress was absolutely georgeous! Anyway have fun on the honeymoon guys and next up on your agenda as far as we are concerned are some new little playmates for us!(hint hint)
As for today we are recooperating and enjoying our dad above we have a couple of pics from the day Tucker decided to water the fence for about 2 hours as you can see and another big surprise for the day was that grandma and grandpa Coon came to spend the afternoon. Jaycie Claire put a picture of her hanging out with them today! Well we will be back again to chat soon and we can't wait to get to Scott County in a few days! Daddy says hi to everyone and wants us to let everyone know he is still loving his job and being outside all day. Hugs and Kisses- The Coon Kids

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just a couple more pics from the weekend

Tucker & Slugger

We Missed each other
Well we're back in B-N and as mommy says "let the cleaning begin!!!" All kinds of her friends will be in town this weekend along with DADDY!!! and our house is a disaster so we are going to clean (my favorite!) My job will definitely be the sweaper and spraying the spray for her. We are even having someone come in to clean the couches. I can't wait to see what kind of tools he brings. Hopefully it will stop raining and warm up so I can post some pictures of me on my swing set and sandbox! I can't wait for everyone to see it. Also to anyone who might be interested mommy wants you to know that its the first 3rd Sunday Market of the year this weekend. Lots of women in my life get excited about this market thing as for me I just enjoy the food ! Jaycie Claire says "Hi" she has been napping in her swing all day I think she must have missed it. She is getting her 3 month pictures done next week so I guess she needs lots of beauty sleep. Talk to you real soon. Love, The Bear

Monday, May 15, 2006

I had a good weekend too

Hi everybody its Jaycie Claire even though I didn't go see daddy this time I still had a great weekend I stayed with G'ma and pa Pam and Charlie and got lots of cuddling and kisses I also spent time with my Great Grandma and went to my aunt Crystal's for the day and got to play with Abby and Kielyn. I have a few things I want to report first of all I am 3 months old today can you believe it and they filed the petition for my adoption in Texas today so we will be going back to Dallas soon and everything will be finalized!! How exciting is that? Also, since we missed mother's day yesterday I want to say I love you to all the special mommy's in my life that includes my mommy, my grandma's, my great grandma's, my aunts and great aunts and my Godmother Kee and all the rest of you, you know who you are! i just hope one day I grow up and be as good a mommy as you all are. I also wanted to show you a picture of the bear my big brother Tucker made me. They are dressed in their cardinal gear and I just love mine "Sluggette" all dressed in my favorite color pink of course! Well ta-ta for now we are going back to B-N tomorrow to get ready for Ronda and Jeff's big wedding this weekend we are all so excited and also Daddy will be coming home for the wedding too!! So I will get lots of spoiling time with him over the weekend don't you worry!

oops! heres more pics

More Pics from the Weekend


Hi everybody its the Bear and I'm home! The weekend with dad was fun fun fun! We went to the Magic House instead of the Game on Sunday because of the weather but that was ok because I don't think I have ever has so much fun! I played in the water, the sand, went fishingand down cool slides. I even went to Clifford the Big red dogs home and got to meet him I really liked him and wouldn't leave him alone. There were doorbells to ring and light switches galore! I also went to build a bear and made Jaycie Claire a cardinals bear and me one too. I named them Slugger and Sluggette!

Abby is crawling & pulling up

Hi all to start things off we wanted to send out a news flash on our cousin Abby. As you can see from the pics she is crawling and pulling up. You should have seen the look on Tucker's face when she crawled to get a toy from him he was sooooo excited he thought these girls were going to just lay around forever he had no idea they will soon be up and playing with him. The girls just say look out Tucker here we come!!! Congrats Abby Sue we are so excited!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Leaving for the Weekend

Well everybody we are just about packed for our weekend wanted to send a quick pic and let you know it will be hit or miss if we update over the weekend or not but, no matter what we will let you know all about it when we get home. Tucker also wanted to take a pic and send it because he got his hair cut today and thinks he looks pretty slick! The lady couldn't get over how he just sat there and let her clip his hair but we told her daddy has been doing it since he was 6 months old. Well take care and try to have as much fun as us over the weekend and if we get to see you over the weekend you can join in our fun. And Daddy we can't wait to see you in a couple days!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Our Dog Gus

Hi everyone tucker took this picture of his dog Gus and wanted to share it with everyone. Tucker and Gus have been having a great time in the backyard the past few days. Gus runs as fast as he can around the yard and Tucker just laughs and laughs and trails right behind him! Not much going on at the homestead today just watched a lot of cartoons and helped mom with laundry. We have to get packed because we are leaving Thursday to go see Daddy in St Louis we might go to a cardinal game on Sunday just depends on the weather. Tucker plans on wearing his new Pujols jersey if we do. Jaycie thinks she will probably stay with grandma Pam and go to aunt Crystals on Monday to play with our cousin Abby and her friend. Don't forget everyone Sunday is mommy's day, we sure won't. Well, bye for now see you again soon.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


HI Everybody I'm so excited to get to write today and tell you about my day. I went flower shopping with Mommy and Grandma Pam and this is the outfit I wore don't I look appropriate? I didn't even mind my hat but Tucker laughed at me when he saw it.....brothers! Anyway a big shout out to Grandpa Randy today from his favorite little girl because its his birthday. I hope you had a good one Grandpa and got yourself something really nice I heard you did! I love you very much and so does Bear hope this is your best year yet! We can't wait to see you again. Well gotta go theres bottles to eat and naps to take ---Love the Blogs better half (J/K Tucker) Jaycie Claire

Don't I look different without my wild hairdo??? Don't worry its all still under there.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Weekend Project

Mannnn! Hi all this is Tucker I didn't know if I would get a blog in today or not as you can see from the pictures my Godfather Jim and I have been working real hard outside on the yard. You see every Spring we have what mom and dad call "Lake Coon" in the back yard after heavy rains. So they asked Grandpa Charlie for some dirt and he said he would just buy it and have it delivered.(can you imagine a farmer that pays for dirt as if he doesn't have any laying around anywhere.) Anyway we moved a huge truckload of dirt and spread it all over the yard and I was in heaven and throwing dirt everywhere. I think we should forget the grass seed and just leave it like a giant sandbox but, mommy says no. Oh well, because tomorrow we are finishing the sand box under my swingset's fort and I will just dig away in there.
PS Jaycie is a little under the weather today but she wants you all to know its her turn to write next. love you all enjoy the weather I sure am.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone Tucker just wanted to say happy Cinco De Mayo to everone as you know half of him comes from Mexico and when mommy and daddy were in California for his birth they got close to his Mexican birth family and they gave them a true culture lesson (shock) for the month. Let us tell you Taco Bell is absolutely nothing like true Mexican food!!!(right daddy remember old porky's foot in the soup???) Anyway we celebrate this day each year by eating something we think is mexican and having a Cinco De Mayo cake in honor of Tucker so he can learn about where part of him comes from. So, have a terrific day and if your of age have a margarita on Tucker tonight and if your not you can always have Mexican rice milk. (remember that one daddy?) Above is a picture of the bear when he was brand new, that is his friend Grant Gudeman holding him.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Uncle Andy!!!

Hey everybody if you see our uncle Andy driving around on his big green tractor today be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday for us, he's 29 but don't tell him we told you mommy says next year we will have to get him good because he will be the big 3 0! So enjoy your year Uncle Andy because 30 is almost here!!!!! We love you and happy happy birthday Uncle Andy, LuvTucker Bear and Jaycie Claire!!!!

(can you tell by the picture Tucker thinks Andy is pretty great???? He's like his little shadow.)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Cousins first photo shoot

some of you have mentioned you have not gotten to see this photo We and our cousin Abby had done for Grandma and Grandpa. Let us tell you this was no easy task it took aunt Crystal uncle Andy Grandma Pam and mommy and we still barely got one picture but we kids had a great time. Tucker even took a picture of Jaycie Claire with the big camera the girl was using when she left the room. Uncle Andy thought it was really funny so Tucker took another one. The girls just rolled their eyes at him he is always doing something.

Sorry these are posting side ways we can't quite figure out how to straighten them.

Mommy Grandma and Aunt Crystal just couldn't wait to get our pics together we told them maybe they should give us a few months before we try this again!!!

Out big Debut

Well this is it the Coon Kids are going public. We are launching our new blog page. We are so excited you found us and can't wait to hear your comments. Remember this thing goes from the present to the past so to catch up scroll down to the bottom and read your way up. We will try to update at least weekly but sometimes lots more as this is the easiest way for our Daddy to keep up with us just skip the boring parts (if any) and move on but be sure to comment back every once in while as mommy reads them to us when we look at the site on her laptop. Welcome to the world of the Coon kids be sure to fasten your seatbelt as we seem to live a wild and fun life!!! Hope you get lots of love from this and lots of laughs too!!!!

Our new Basement

Heres some pics for those of you (especially Daddy) wanting to see the home project we have been working on. We finally got new carpet for mommy and a big screen plasma for daddy. We want to know where our new toys are oh yeah....... we got a new swingset in the backyard pictures of that will be posted soon.