Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 07 part7

Grandma and Grandpa Coon Arrive

Christmas 07 part 6

Jaycie playing ponies and waiting for Gma&pa Coon to arrive
Notice the shirt says "elf sized" thats what I call truth in advertising
Daddy and Tucker playing with the mixer

Christmas 07 part 5

Tucker was actually up and the first one down the stairs
Jaycie CLaire found her purple pig tails and didn't take them off all morning
Surrounded by our loot
Opening our Stockings Christmas Morning

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chrsitmas '07 part 4

Jaycie Claire got a Barbie Beauty kit and Daddy got a "makeover" for Christmas. Jaycie even gave herself a new "look" before she was through!

Notice the lipstick in my teeth............... I decided to taste a little

Christmas '07 Part 4

Jaycie Claire went straight for her new bike-----look out Tucker!
Still trying to wake up
Ho Ho left us a note as he came a night early and wanted to explain------He also let us know he would be back that night with our stockings.----He also apologized to mommy for the snow mess


Christmas '07 part 3 The Big Guys Arrival!

Santa Came down the Chimney and tracked snow all the way to the tree! Mommy was not to happy and daddy Tucker and Jaycie Claire were amazed!

Christmas '07 Part 2

Papa's Heyworth Hornet shirt
Jaycie is very busy here
Tucker never misses a chance to get his picture taken
Tucker got a new tv/dvd player for his room!!!
Mama Pam opening her Von Maur card
Jaycie Claire's new dollhouse

Hot Off the Press Holiday Photos!

Oops Jaycie spilled about 100 M&M's on the floor!
PaPA's new picture
Tucker's new john deere Dozer jsut like PaPA's
Opening gifts as fast as we can
Look my new princess rings
Wow this is a big one Mama Pam

Well here they are the first of many many 2007 Christmas photos----------Mommy will be putting them on periodically as she gets a chance so keep checking back as there are some pretty good ones to share!

G'ma and 'Pa Shireman came over to start the celebrations Saturday morning. These are some of those pics.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho says you better not pout Jaycie Claire!!! Hum........does Tuckers look say naughty or nice??
Mr ornament re-arranger

Theres our sweet little girl Mommy caught you when you weren't looking!

Thought we would share a few more holiday picks before the madness begins. Daddy gets home in the morning as will Tucker he went home with Mama Debbie on Wednesday and has been enjoying holiday festivities with Mama and Papa Coon while mommy is recovering! Jaycie Claire is so lost without him though, we look at photo albums of Tucker everyday to help her cope! Mommy started moving around again on Thusrday, that was 10 days of the yucky stomach flu, but, she is feeling better all the time. We are done wrapping and shopping at our house just have some cooking to do before the big guy in the red suit arrives and boy are we excited this year!!! We'll try to get on and share some photos of our festivities as soon

as we can ---should be a blast around here! Feel free to stop by and see us anytime we will be around all holiday with lots of goodies for sharing and the coast is clear as far as the flu mommy has lysoled everything and I don't think any of us are going to get it!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy 2008! Love, Blessings, & Peace The Coonkids

Saturday, December 15, 2007

HO HO From Jaycie Claire

Mommy has been really sick, and still sort of is, so Jaycie Claire thought she would get in the holiday spirit and help out with housework at the same time, while mommy rested! A one year old in jammies and a Santa hat, saying ho ho while running the vacuum thats the seen at "Coonville" ! Mommy hopes to make it off the couch tomorrow (she's been there since Monday night :'( the house is a such a disaster we're pretty sure she's still there anyway!) and into the shower and we hope to get out of our pajamas Jaycies had hers on since Ma MA left Wednesday! (yikes) Tucker is such a big boy he had to make it up and down the hill to the bus all on his own Thursday and Friday because mommy was to sick to drive him he even got himself ready to go (same jeans for 2 days but, he did it! Mommy is so proud) Mommy is so sorry you guys I promise I will get over this flu and next week will be better. Maybe we will even get out somewhere to see Santa before his big trip! Thanks MaMa Pam for all you do and for helping take care of us anytime you could this past week and for the help tomorrow with getting some food and diapers around here! We would be in really bad shape if we didn't have you taking care of us! Sorry we put a damper on your vacation week but, you did get to enjoy our electricity and hot water! We love you-----The CoonKids

Friday, December 07, 2007

"Brown Noser"

Jaycie Claire: "Oh sure......You smile Tucker........Ya Brown Noser! I thought we had a deal this year!"

(by the way nice fake cheese!)

Hey, Jaycie Let's do the Annual Christmas Picture!!!!


(Like it or not you still look adorable Jaycie CLaire even when your mad!!)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Say Cheese Ab!

Had to put this one on of Abby to let Uncle Jason have as good a laugh as we did the other night! When you tell Abby to say cheese and take a picture this is the beautiful smile you get!---Uncle Jason what is it with these girls and the "Go Georgia" look???

The Annual Martha wannabe cookie decorating!

Well we are a little disappointed to report that we don't have pictures of us with Santa on a JD tractor but, it was so icy Saturday morning we couldnt get out to see him:( But, we do
have pictures from Mommy and Aunt Crystal's 2nd annual holiday "lets try to be Martha" Cookie decorating with the kids. What a mess but, tons of fun. Martha wouldn't be to proud of us though we really flopped on the sleigh cookie cut outs this year but, our tree and ornaments are quite exquisite! Also, Mommy got real creative and did a snowman cake and it was actually still standing the next morning-----As for Tucker, He wiped his hands on a paper towel about 100 times to keep from getting messy Abby could have cared less and dug right in! As for Jaycie Claire she started of "cooking" with a bang but, ended up spending most of the night playing teapot with Papa Charlie.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


We love you and will see ya next weekend in INDY!!!!
Love Bear & Jaycie Claire
PS Tucker wants to report another good day 12 stars!!!!!and no thinking chairs ------We have 2 big things to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving (part3)

CHOW DOWN COON FAMILY!!!!!!! THis is Thanksgiving Coon style forget the Turkey and bring on the lasagna (do they even celebrate thanksgiving in Italy????) We ate and ate and ate as you can see and it was all wonderful. Daddy's not a big fan of the bird but, he has to be the last to get served the lasagna or he eats it all! We worked it all off the next day at Chuck E Cheese though with our good friends the Rupperts (tuckers girlfriend Paige's family) It was a Coon's vs the Rupperts showdown at the ski-ball table (we almost got kicked out with Tucker's overhand throwing onto other people's lanes no less) Tucker got to go up in the tunnels for the first time since the girls were with us and he had so much fun. By the way you can all be proud round one of our showdown went to the Coon's we even have a light up gun as our trophy we bought with our tickets. The Rupperts are itching for a rematch though so we need to get ready! Well daddy made it back safe to work we will be on with Christmas tree pictures next!!!!
Love the coonkids

Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving Started off super fun---Daddy got in from Indy and had a present in his big white van that Santa had given him to bring us because it wouldn't fit on his sleigh. I was a great big playhouse for us to play in!!!!!!! We absolutely love it and couldnt have been more suprised. We spent most of our time playing in it--we even have our very own Christmas tree up inside! Everybody has to come see it and play inside with us mommy sits in there and has tea parties with us all the time! We also put up the big Cristmas tree upstairs on thanksgiving day and decorated our new home for the first time is looks so magical we will have pictures up soon of that. Poor daddy didn't know he would work so hard on his days off. Well we didn't get out much but, we are a "home body family" and had one of our most special weekends together having family time! HOpe to see you all soon and that your day was half as good as ours was!


Ps the last part of our Thankgiving will be up next!