Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gearing up for school

Well we'e down to the final days of summer in the coon household Tucker goes in for a meeting with his teacher and to take in his supplies next Wednesday and starts school the following Tuesday. He will go afternoons everyday at Heyworth Elementary. He is so excited he loves school and especially his daily bus ride. Its funny to ride around town with him he knows who lives everywhere after his year of bus riding. He should be the official Heyworth tour guide!
What you see in the picture is a great big school supply,thats right the Coonkids have their own computer and they loooooove it. They have a couple of preschool games they play all the time but,really love visiting everyday. Tucker has been using computers in school everyday for the past year and boy can you tell its amazing what he can do on them and the great hand eye mouse control he has.
I am starting Jaycie on it already for just those reasons the computer is like the pencil in schools these days! She can get her carebears balloon numbers game going now all by herself from the desktop. When she wakes up the first thing she asks to do is play her "oomputer" The coonkids also got a webcam and loooooove talking to grandma pam and actually seeing her they would love to have more people to call. If you have a web cam and want to call us download for free and call us for free on the computer. Our i.d. is currently amy coon 1 but, they will soon have their own i.d. which will be Coonkids I',m hoping we'll keep you up to date on that.
Daddy will be home over the weekend and he is getting mommy's old laptop, thats right she now has a pink laptop, back with him so we will go out and get him a webcam for that computer to that way he and the kids can see each other everyday! Well hope you are finding things to do with this rainy IL weather we are its called "computer nerding"

Monday, August 18, 2008

enjoying the last days of summer 08

jaycie Claire can swim all over the pool by herself!!!! After she gets major air jumping in off the side if you get a chance you have to see it to believe it. Hey isn't that the guy for CHIPS?????? No its Tucker and his entourage lookin to make some waves and splash the girls in mama's pool!

Mommys messing with photoshop

THought this was so cool its the "old paper" effect on the picture I uploaded the other day

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Their not mad at us anymore

Wow the "blog gods" actually let mommy put a pic on tonight. We ticked them off somehow and they haven't let us do that in quite some time. Not much going on Tucker is with g'ma Deb for the week and Mommy and Jaycie Claire are working outside in this awesome weather. these pictures are of me in my "jessie" get up (toystory 2) I'm into her right now! enjoy.