Thursday, November 29, 2007


We love you and will see ya next weekend in INDY!!!!
Love Bear & Jaycie Claire
PS Tucker wants to report another good day 12 stars!!!!!and no thinking chairs ------We have 2 big things to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving (part3)

CHOW DOWN COON FAMILY!!!!!!! THis is Thanksgiving Coon style forget the Turkey and bring on the lasagna (do they even celebrate thanksgiving in Italy????) We ate and ate and ate as you can see and it was all wonderful. Daddy's not a big fan of the bird but, he has to be the last to get served the lasagna or he eats it all! We worked it all off the next day at Chuck E Cheese though with our good friends the Rupperts (tuckers girlfriend Paige's family) It was a Coon's vs the Rupperts showdown at the ski-ball table (we almost got kicked out with Tucker's overhand throwing onto other people's lanes no less) Tucker got to go up in the tunnels for the first time since the girls were with us and he had so much fun. By the way you can all be proud round one of our showdown went to the Coon's we even have a light up gun as our trophy we bought with our tickets. The Rupperts are itching for a rematch though so we need to get ready! Well daddy made it back safe to work we will be on with Christmas tree pictures next!!!!
Love the coonkids

Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving Started off super fun---Daddy got in from Indy and had a present in his big white van that Santa had given him to bring us because it wouldn't fit on his sleigh. I was a great big playhouse for us to play in!!!!!!! We absolutely love it and couldnt have been more suprised. We spent most of our time playing in it--we even have our very own Christmas tree up inside! Everybody has to come see it and play inside with us mommy sits in there and has tea parties with us all the time! We also put up the big Cristmas tree upstairs on thanksgiving day and decorated our new home for the first time is looks so magical we will have pictures up soon of that. Poor daddy didn't know he would work so hard on his days off. Well we didn't get out much but, we are a "home body family" and had one of our most special weekends together having family time! HOpe to see you all soon and that your day was half as good as ours was!


Ps the last part of our Thankgiving will be up next!

Our Thanksgiving (3parts)

Tucker and his friends made indian costumes to wear for their party

This is Mrs Kutemeier Tucker's nice teacher.

Happy late Turkey Day (or lasagna day as you will see later) we are finally back on after a wonderful at home family weekend of fun! Well this first part is the Thanksgiving day feast at Tucker's school I promised you. It was actually pretty delicious and my big brother even let me sit at the big kid table with him and his school friends I felt so special. tucker and his classmates sang songs for us and read poems and then we ate the meal they had been making all week Tucker and I liked the turkey and corn so much we were the last to finish! Then Tucker let me go play with his friends and all the cool toys in his classroom-- Well look for part 2 next Love Jaycie Claire

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Break Out the "Doh"

Here's what we were up to tonight. My first official play-doh experience.

Tucker and his classmates are making us Thanksgiving dinner at school tomorrow. Should be interesting He came home and said they made Turkeys today! I will let you know how it was next time we are on.(if I don't get food poisoning, yikes!) Mommy will probably have pictures too I'm sure. Well, we are excited for daddy to get home tomorrow night as well. We plan on CHillin at home all weekend so come on by and see us if you want! Mommy will probably be putting up the tree. Tucker and I will be playing with toys. And, daddy will be on the couch probably watching his sports! Take Care and have a Happy Turkey Day!
Luv Jaycie-Claire

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Todays photos

These are the pics of the day. The baby is Chase mommy watched him today and took some pictures (sorry Chase no one is safe) notice the scratch on Tucker's lip curtousy of his little sis.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mommy's "nerdy" nature pics

Tree bark with ivy
A weed/flower
We have had an influx of ladybugs lately this is one on our backporch yesterday after the rain--Can you believe the raindrops on his back you couldn't see them with the naked eye!
I thought dandelions only grew in the summer?

Coming home

Click on this to enlarge

Tucker walking home from the bus (part1)

Mommy's new Camera

Mommy's birthday
was Sunday and she got a new Camera-----Look out shes snapping all the time now, here are a few photos with the camera---
We think shes doing pretty good given all the buttons on the thing!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween 2007

Click on these to make them bigger!! No Tricks this year just lots of Treats!!!!

HOLY COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to a local Dairy farm with lots of our friends Saturday morning and had lots of fun! Jaycie was not so impressed with the newborn (and I mean newborn, we saw it happen!!!) Calves she thought they were a little gross. Tucker however hand fed a cow her breakfast all morning and couldn't believe it would eat out of his hand!