Monday, January 28, 2008

Some of Mommy's creative party pics

Happy 4th Bearsky!

Well the big guy officially turned 4 yesterday. Can you believe it????? He had such a fun party on Saturday with Tractors & Tutus thanks to sissy celebrating the same day! The first picture is of our little rock star that day playing Guitar Hero on the Wii and the next two are of the partners in crime taking fast food orders on their John Deere headsets.

Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us and for all the wonderful gifts we love you all so much and you made our day extra special by being here!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quick Update!!!

Here's some of our funny faces pics

Hi allJust a quicknote we are doing great and very excited for our birthdays this weekend---Daddy made it home today andwe arebusy playing so can't write much-----Take care and stay warm hope to seeyou this weekend!!!! T.& J.C.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Camping out in the living room

This is the kids version of the power outage last night and sleeping on the living room floor! Listen to how Tucker says "electricity" and watch Jaycie Claire's drama about not getting to hold the camera

Testing something fancy!!!!

disregard this it was an oops

This is proof that just because your parents originated from Scott county doesn't mean they can't figure out how to put your home movies on the blog!!!!

SURPRISE!!!! Learned how to do something new for '08 this a video of us waiting in the car last spring, just an old one we had on the computer to use for practice but, checkback often new ones will follow!!!!!!

ps Tucker does apologize this was take during his chronic "nose-picking" phase---we're glad he's past that! Also, take a good look this one of the only times Jaycie Claire has ever slept in a car!

Just click the arrow and it will start

A Smidge Late but, Happy 2008!

'08 HIT "Coonville" around 8pm on the 31st but, we still partied like it was mid-night! Wishing everyone a fantastic new year!!!! Luv, T &JC