Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's tough being a princess...............

........................but, if the crown fits!!!!
HRH Abigail Sue (aka cinderella) celebrated her 3rd birthday over the weekend at g'ma&pa shiremans castle! We ate drank and were very merry. It was a celebration fit for a princess! Snow White and Jasmine even came to help cinderella celebrate!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our first Routine!

Well Marsha and greg did it so did Monica and Ross so its our turn click above to see what the Coonkids can do!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Out of the Mouths of babes

OK this is mommy taking over the blog to vent the frustrating week I have had. First, and most importantly everyone is totally OK and no I didn't make any of the following up and you'll see how I got the blog title later.
HERE IT GOES..........


arrive home from Branson decided to mow our 8 foot high yard thanks to being gone and the rain IKE brought, as soon as, Tucker gets home from school and Jaycie napped (sidenote yes Tucker does ride the mower with me and drives, hey I did it as a kid and look at me i'm fine!) So Tucker hops off the bus and comes running up the road to get on the mower with me and we begin mowing the jungle....Anyway we have lived at beautiful Justin Dr for over a year now and pretty much nobody is ever outside around us because no body lives up here but, on this particularly beautiful day in September that I decide to mow, I would say with the 2 houses going up next to us about 12 men were outside doing various work from laying gas lines to laying bricks and Tucker and I proceeded to mow the yard. no big deal. When first pass across the front lawn out of no where the mower decides it can't take it anymore and it lets the biggest exploding fart I have ever heard proceeded by a billowing plume of black smoke so theres no denying where the sound came from, to which all dozen of the men around turned to look at me and see what the "H" had just happened. Well I take that back it took the gas guy a few seconds to first send up a prayer thanking God it was not the line he was working on that had caused the explosion. Anyway after everyone saw we were alright, that it wasn't due to the gas guy, and we weren't under attack, they all got a big laugh at my expense and I realized I will no longer be stepping out my front door until the 2 houses are finished due to the soon to go down in Coon family history "lawn mower incident"!
I then soon learned I had "blown a piston mam, and the gear shaft she don't look good has your husband checked the oil lately?" "uhhhhh no but, I have" that threw him for a curve ball but, sadly explained everything to him at the same time (still from the women can't do a mans job think tank and thinks I ruined my husbands mower by the way, thanks "dirty guy" that ran up the hill to check on me) So basically, for the rest of the fall I am just going to direct people to my house as the one with the big bowling alley strip mowed out across the front yard and a big black spot at the end of it! "can't miss it" All while only stepping out the door to get the mail late at night when everyone has gone home. And to the dozen men who turned to look don't worry us dumb farm girls don't mow our lawn we just blow the grass up at the roots.....lasts longer that you can quit talking errr laughing about me now because I meant for it all to happen, yeah thats my story and I'm stickin to it.

OK next thing


Kids have become tired of each other all ready and the fighting after not seeing each other for a week resumes in less than 24 hours! So I decide I have got to do something before I go crazy and it was the laundry from the trip and I needed laundry soap so, I put the monsters in the SUV and head to the Heyworth Dollar General for a quick bottle of Tide that ended up costing me $253 and an earful. yes thats right $253.........$3 for the Tide and $250 to our deductable! (earful comes in later)You see in Heyworth people don't believe in parking lot lines I have learned and randomly park their cars in the middle of the lot I was in the front row "put her in reverse" got distracted yelling at my fighting kids to stop fighting and nailed the lone unoccupied parking lot car!
Now, heres the part where I earned my see absolutely no one was around or saw what I had just done, I mean its Heyworth they were all downtown talking about the day after school let out right now, and I couldn't see any "bad" damage on the other car and I could have very easily went on my own merry way and played the "did I do that???" stupid card but, I didn't, I did the right thing and unloaded the fighting monsters(who were dead silent now) and went into the dollar general and asked who the lone 1982 buick regal belonged to and of course it was (because I didn't know her name at the moment so I made one up in my mind when I saw her) "Bertha", (sigh)
Ok Here's where my earful I bought comes in
"mam I am so sorry but, I have just backed into your car and it looks like I have scratched it and cracked your light I want to give you my insurance information and get yours to take care of it"
(still surrounded by a plume of smoke from her last cigarette break): "awwww s*#t I've had a h*&L of a week what the h#$L were you doing?" proceeds to march out to the car.....I follow with the kids (still completely silent with eyes the size of silver dollars taking this whole thing in and probably thinking "dude mom you should have just put'er in gear and floored it outta here") all the while hearing why I was dumber than the dumbest idiot she has ever met and should have never been given a license if I can't even back out of a parking lot, right along with every cuss word known to man at least 3 times! (sidenote: the kids were terrified of this lady at this point and absolutely silent and trying to stay out of sight so she wouldn't direct her smoke at them) Well, long story short she lit a cigarette and calmed down enought to give me her info. and I gave her mine and left.
And so now, that I can't go out in my yard for the next forseeable future due to the "lawn mower incident" on Wednesday and the guys working on the houses, I can also no longer show my face in dollar general uptown when I see the dredded 1982 buick with a broken headlight in the middle of the lot or "Bertha" might decide to kick my a$$ this time. This is a problem when you live in a small town because that basically leaves me with visiting IGA and the Legion all winter.

Now too today FRIDAY and how I got the title of this blog:

My sweet little 2 year old girl (along with her brother) has not stopped talking about "the mower incident" but, especially the "Wreck" we had (including Bertha who they think is going to yell at Mommy again if we ever go back to dollar general) and first chance she got she had to tell her daddy about it heres how that went:

Jaycie: "mommy wreck"

Daddy: "Really are ya ok did it scare you?"

Jayce: "No, I not ok I hurt my neck!"


Great now I am waiting for the lawsuit papers from my 2 year old daughter for giving her whiplash. You can't make this stuff up!
oh but it gets better

You see I have fast learned that when you send your child to school nothing that "happens in the family stays in the family" it goes right out the front door and on the bus with them
so this is too Tuckers bus driver and his Teachers 1)no the mower didn't really "blow up" and 2) it wasn't a "wreck" per say just a little ding in the parking lot and 3)I'm sorry about all the colorful new words Tucker learned this week but,blame Bertha for that not me. So don't call me about it!

Well this is for all to enjoy at my expense, all of Heyworth is talking about the crazy lady, "who doesn't check her lawn mower oil right", up on the hill at Justin Dr. figured you might as well get some enjoyment from it too.

Papa Randy told me things come in 3's so, if thats true stay tuned for the third installment, I have no shame at this point, I will share it with you as well.

Staying inside the house all Weekend,
The Coonkids Mommy

The annual "hillbilly" trip

Hi all were back and had a great time in the stix of MO!!!!

Saw Noah Musical and really got to sit in the ark surrounded by 2X2 animals!

Road a train and almost got robbed

flew in a butterfly!

did our part to help the economy by shopping til we dropped

Had an awesome time for the 3rd year in a row just the girls!

Tucker had a great time too with mama Debbie and Baby Nathan and everybody else!!! Thanx again Mama Deb!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Its official I am in training.........potty training that is and I officially put some wet stuff in the bowl tonight.........YEAH ME I think Tucker was more impressed than I was he sat with me until I went and then brought me some M&M's as a treat.....we'll keep you posted on how this story develops. But, for tonight GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes that is my M&M prize all over my face.......I'm messy and I just can't help it)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Girls are skipping Town in 2 Days!

Wanted to leave you with 2 recent pics of us------we (jaycie claire and mommy) are on our way to our annual fall trip to MO in 2 days and with so much to do probably won't blog until we are back! We are going with MaMa Pam, aunt C., and Abby so excited and can't wait! Tucker is staying here with MaMa Debbie so he doesn't miss any school he doesn't mind he would much rather have his grandma all to himself to spoil him than spend a week with a bunch of girls doing girly things. So we will see ya when we see ya! PS booooooooooo Ike and stay away! Will have to find internet access in MO to keep our eye on him! Hugs, US

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coon Cousins






Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My first day of school season #2

thats right I am back to school and happy as a clam...........I love being a heyworth hornet!!!!!

labor day with Nathan

Some pics from our weekend with cousin Nathan

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Hi its Jaycie CLaire I just reminded mommy that she has not put my new "breadstix" (gymnastics) haircut up on the blog yet. Daddy took me when he was home and convinced mom to do it now we love it. I am totally into "breadstix" since mommy tivo'd them and I watch shuan almost everyday. I took classes when I was 1 and remember a little bit. My makeshift aperratice at the moment is the kitchen table which I can do all kinds of uneven bar tricks on I am also working on balance beam moves that I have corriagraphed all by myself. I think we are going back to bloomington on Fridays for gymnastics again starting in October so I can learn the "safe" way to do all these tricks I have. Well keeping mom on her toes as usually Love Jaycie Claire, US olympic team 2020!

PS I will have "breadstix"pics up real soon too!

WW2 Ship

We loaded up the car and went to G'ma & 'pa Coon's house in the

quad cities this weekend.

They had a house full we even took g'ma Pam with us so mommy could car shop and she could visit some real garden nurseries. Jill Todd & Nathan came to along with Dan Kristi Grant Luke and Wes gudeman man it was busy!!! but, a ton of fun!

While we were there a WW2 ship was docked on the Mississippi and everybody but mama pam and Jaycie went and toured. Talk about cool it was quite an experience for all 5 of us little boys! You can not believe how all of those men lived on their way to the beaches of Normandy! We also saw a parachute the size of our house that they used to drop the tanks on the beach. I got to see where the enlisted guys slept which was rope cots stacked 4 high on all sides of the room with about 2 feet in between the top and bottom of each cot. Grant put on a helmet that the men wore during battle. I also got to see an ambulance that was used that was on board as well. The guns where huge and had 2 seats on them for 2 guys to load and fire at the same time.

The enlisted men had no shower the officers had about 1 shower per 15 beds and of course the captain did have his own shower. On the beach of the river, they had an amphibious vehicle that was a boat in the water and had wheels for when they got to the beach.

I am taking the pictures to school tomorrow to show all the kids. Yes thats right today was my first day of school I will have more on that and pictures in the next post!