Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Officially Summer!!!!!!!

Tucker's mother's day gift
Tucker and his best friend Tate on a school field trip (eddy haskel has nothing on these 2)
Enjoying our huge suckers in the tub (Mommy only lets us eat them there, I wonder why?)

Well its official as of 3:30pm today when Tucker walked of the bus the Coonkid's summer of 2008 started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are on our way to the farm and the new pool for some much needed R&R. We have been up to a lot trying to wrap up school, get the yard ready for the summer, and our weekend with daddy home. Our basement is progressing right along and mommy can't wait to turn the now guest room into her office and craft studio. The house going up next door hasn't progressed much still a big hole. Jaycie Claire is talking up a storm Tucker doesn't get away with much anymore without her telling on him. Here are some recent pics to share Mommy got a new lense for her camera so we are constantly being harassed by the poparatzy (sorry I have no idea how to SP and don't feel like looking it up) Daddy is still working hard in Dallas we have a big weekend planned with him for the fourth of July!!!!!!!!!! Tucker will be doing summer school and bible school this summer. Jaycie Claire will probably start back up with her gymnastics as well. Some upcoming events are Tuckers first dentist visit and Hannah Banana's wedding. Hope to see all of you over the summer and make some fun memories together but, if we don't enjoy it and keep up with us on the blog!!!
Luv T. & J.C.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Disney Moments

Here we are with some more of our favorite Characters
Jaycie Claire was so excited to meet her favorite English princesses while we toured England at Epcot. She loved the fabulous Ms. Mary Poppins but, we could not getheraway from Alice and threatened to take Jacycie Claire down the white rabbit hole with her!!! When you ask Jaycie about this picture she says " Alice tickle me and gave red kiss! I yuv Alice!"
The one of Tucker is with Pluto he wanted you all to know that Pluto's dog tag reads if lost please return me to M. Mouse!