Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Playhouse and Pearly Whites

Well we finally got the playhouse moved outside for the summer here is some pics of Jaycie Claire looking out her kitchen window. The next are from Tucker's trip to the dentist for the first time. And the results were no cavities! Yeah! He did so good and hasn't stopped talking about the experience and all the cool tools the dentist has. Tonight was Tucker's first night of bible school he had a lot of fun with his friends who are also in the class. Tomorrow Tucker goes to his first week of summer school as well so he should be a pretty busy guy for the next week. Jaycie Claire just returned from a 5 day trip to G maandpa Coon's and had a wonderful time she is completely worn out and spoiled rotten! I will have to spend the week reprogramming her! Daddy is doing good in Dallas minus the triple digit weather and we will see him for a long weekend after the 4th! Well that about sums it up for now til next time------T.&J.C.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Coonkids are Swimmin' Fools

That's right just try to keep us out of the water!!! We have been here 10 days and only missed one day in the pool due to a stupid tornado warning mom said we had to go in for. Tucker gets in and plays on the steps alot but, his real calling is official pool maintenance man! He cannot believe all the gizmos and gadgets that goes with grandma's pool. Jaycie Claire however, is a fish we swear she jumps in off the side and kicks like a little motor boat! We're livin the lap of luxury all by ourselves out here in the pool in the middle of a cornfield stop by and swim with us if your in the neighborhood!!! Peace and tons of sunscreen --- The Coonkids