Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Eyes Have It!

Jeepers Creepers Where'd You get those Big Blue Peepers Jaycie Claire?

Can this thing be any Tighter?

Well needless to say this is the last time for the strawberry swimsuit. My mommy loves it so much she tried to get one more swim out of it, but I'm stuffed in here like an italian sausage......We may have to cut it off not to mention I can't keep the girls from showing.........Mom really enough is enough!

Our Little Beach Babe!!!

Ahhhh..... this is the life! Hey Tucker, bring me a a bottle!

Check Out Our Whale Pool

Hi from Coonerville! Us kids got a cool new pool and put it to the Coon Kid test today! We had so much fun. Now that Jaycie Claire is sitting up (sort of) she could have a good time too. I personally love the spray spout but I had to shut it off when Jaycie was in with me she didn't like it so much. Not much else happening here we got lots of yard work done and lots more house cleaning to go we've almost caught up on all our laundry(amazing!) Well stay cool and have a good rest of the weekend!

Yours Truly,

Tucker Bear

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Big 5 MO.

Hi everybody its me Jaycie Claire just wanted to send a picture of me from this week and tell you what I'm up to since I celebrated the "Big 5 Mo" on the 15th. Well, lets see, I'm still not quite crawling but up on all fours rocking all the time and getting wherever I need to go (even where I'm not supposed too!) I am sitting up on my own pretty well now too, just need the boppy for those times when I get a little excited about things and forget to balance. I can also hold my bottle and feed myself with no ones help even though Tucker still likes to feed me sometimes. The last new thing I am trying to do is get into a sitting position from all fours, I still need some work here but I'll get it don't you worry. I amaze people every day, I guess I must be ahead with what I am able to do but, its no big deal to me and I can't wait to do more (like get my brother back when he drives me crazy!!!) Well have a great day---Hugs and Kisses to all!!!

Jaycie Claire Coon (officially in 1 month and 5 days can you believe it!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Found the Chief!

Hi everyone, sorry again about not updating as often right now we have been here, there, and everywhere the last few weeks, spending most of the time at Gma and Gpa Shireman's while our great Grandma recovers from her stroke. We have also seen lots and lots of Daddy so that has been fun. On one of our trips with Dad I saw one of my favorite people in the world enjoying his summer, you guessed it, Chief Illiniwek was on vacation in St Charles, Mo. This is a picture of him and I here. Daddy and I had a long chat with him and he assures us we are going to kick some big 10 butt this season. Jaycie Claire can't wait because this will be her first season. He assures everyone that he has been in the midwest most of the summer scouting our rivals and they are going to be no competition, as usual. So glad to see you Chief we really miss you over our summer months but take it easy and get rested up November will be here before we know it and Daddy has an awesome new t.v. to watch the games on that we can't attend!


PS the Chief was so glad to see me in my Dee Brown Jersey while visiting cat country He said it brought a tear to his eye!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Real Live Doll!!!!

Well many of you have made the comment that I look like a real live cabbage patch doll. Well, little do many of you know that mommy thinks so too but not just any Cabbage Patch, her first cabbage patch, Glennis, that she got in 3rd grade!! Isn't it ironic that mommy's first little girl would look so much like her first favorite doll she has kept all these years! Mommy remembers picking Glennis out at Jacks store in Jacksonville and she took her everywhere with her even to school sometimes! We just can't believe all the little things in our lives that make us know us kids were meant to be here!
Luv, Jaycie Claire
PS a little sidenote that mommy's second cabbage patch was a little hispanic boy named Jose and he even looks like Tucker she still has him too and we'll get pictures of the two of them on sometime too.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tucker Took Me on a Stroller Ride

My big brother loves me so much he took me on a stroller ride all over our future basketball court today! He was so proud to help mommy out by entertaining me this afternoon! We had a good time.---Jaycie Claire

P.S. Maybe next time he will put some shorts on and we can go for a ride down the street! He doesn't seem to want to keep them on these days. How embarassing.

Its here ....The New Fence

All we have to say is Look at all our room!!!!! The new fence has been moved and we love having all the room to play. Soon we will have a basketball hoop and our own court to play on. Tucker has been riding his trike all afternoon on the driveway. Daddy what do you think? Can't wait for you to see the change in person but we'll see you in St louis in 2 days!
Luv T. & J.C.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Still here

Tucker and Ben

Hi everybody we are still here it has been a rough week Our Great Grandma P. had a stroke and we have spent lots of time in the hospital and with family. Great grandma is doing really good we are so happy about that. Some quick updates are: any day now we will be reporting that Jaycie Claire is crawling she is up on all fours all the time and really rocking! She got lots of training in when she spent the night with Aunt Peg uncle reg and Ben and all his friends. Also our fence is done finally and we love it we have loads more room to play, and finally we are going to see Daddy in St Louis over the weekend and we can't wait. We always have so much fun down there. Well hope to get back into the swing of things again now that grandma is doing better so check back often for pics and updates. And a special thank you to everybody who took care of us while grandma has been sick we love you very much. T. &J.C.

Jaycie and Uncle Reg