Saturday, March 29, 2008


Pooh bear was enormous and hugged us both
This was made completely out of flowers like the rose bowl floats we have pictures of other characters too

AHHHH Disney ---the time of our lives!!!----There will be tons of these pics in blogs to come because mom took exactly 490 photos while we were there and we had soooo many awesome experiences to tell about. We'll start with pictures from our first morning where we ate breakfast with Pooh, tigger, eeyore, and Piglet ---we absolutely could not believe it when they each came to our table and hugged and played with us! We even got Tiger to bounce when no one was looking and then they had a parade around our table the restaurant was so pretty it was a Crystal palace made all of glass! Be sure to check in soon we have so much more to tell!!! Just trying to catch some zzzzz's right now ----our poor grandmas' they are completely pooped from all the adventures we had as well but, OH WHAT FUN!!! Right now J.C.can't stop talking about her princesses she met and how Alice in Wonderland tickled her and left a kiss on her cheek and Tucker can't stop driving us around in his pretend monorail that goes super fast he says.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We are real excited for the Easter Bunny's arrival this year! We made him some eggs with cousin Abby over the weekend. We are also busy packing because the day after the Bunny comes we head to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait Mommy has so many things planned for us to meet our favorite characters from our Disney movies and Disney channel shows just a few are breakfast with Pooh and friends, Handy Manny,little einsteins and Jo Jo lunch! and so many more! Yes we have supper with the MOuse one night as well. Jaycie Claire is planning to dress in "theme outfits" for most of the trip so we will be sure to put photos up of that.
Whoever said we were to young for disney are sadly mistaken we think, as all our days are full of things we consider to be the best things on earth at 2 & 4, we may not remember much but, in a year or 2 would have outgrown all the cool CHaracter stuff they have to offer for us, the joy it will give mom dad and g'mas to see us will be priceless, and we are young enough to truly believe in the "MAjic"! You need to go a few times through your childhood we have decided to enjoy each stage! Mommy says she wishes she would have started taking Tucker at 2 as he is on the edge of the playhouse Disney stuff not being age appropriate.
Tucker wants to report he is doing very well on his Disney star chart for good behavior this week so he can get some special treats while we are there!! Wish him good luck with that some days are rather challenging when your four but, ooooh Disney is such a good motivator!!! Ta ta for now----T. & J.C.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've Bounced Back!!!

Well we feel safe to say that the illnesses have left us! Tucker has returned to school and other than the three scars on his neck you would never know he was in such bad shape about a month ago. Jaycie wanted to let you know she did have a great birthday even though it was spent in an emergency room waiting on her brothers surgery. She got a new washer anddryer to go with her kitchen set. The picture Tucker is sharing is from the hospital stay in his "Dr Lee" get up! We pretend we are doctors andnurses in the hospital all the time now. Our next adveture is to Disney world in 11 days!!!!!! Our grandmas are going with us as well so we should come home with lots of good loot!!!(like we need it or have anywhere else to put it) Tucker hopes to meet lightning Mcqueen, mater and mickey. Jaycie Claire wants to meet "rellra" and "winnie wouse" THey should both be in luck as we have meals planned with most all of them. Hope to see you all soon and we will definitely share Disney pics when we get home!
Luv T. & JC