Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back From the Big "D" & I'm a Keeper!!!!!!!

Well I'm adopted and an official Coon----YEAH!!!! Here are some pics from the big day. There is one of the family being sworn in, Me and my lawyer Dave, and me and mommy with Clay and his dad he was adopted that day too. I was the only girl along with 5 other little boys to become official! We had so much fun in Texas more pics of our trip will follow. I'm so glad its all over and I will be with mommy and daddy and my big brother forever!!!
Hope to see you soon,
Jaycie Claire Coon

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hapy 1st Birthday Isabel Bowers!

We had a really fun weekend and I went to my first birthday party. My good friend Isabel turned 1! Wow she sure is a big girl! We had a lot of fun together at her party and she really liked her cake I can't wait to get one in 6 months too. Isabel is mommy and daddy's God daughter for those of you who are wondering. Well anyway as you can see in the last photo a girl can only handle so much partying and then you gotta crash and sometimes its not in the most comfortable places:)!!!
Luv Ya, Jaycie Claire

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Daddys home!!!!!!

All we can say is yeah!!!!!! Daddys home--------now lets all wrestle!!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Couple More Pics of Jaycie Claire on the Move

( This is an Ewwww! picture of Tucker I was drueling all over the place doesn't bother me any)

(Hummm what can I get into next----so much stuff so little time!)

Heres a couple more pictures of us from yesterday--- I surprised mommy and the bear again 2 times today by pulling up on the couch and standing by them while they watched the backyardigans. I just smiled real big, so proud of myself, and tried to grab the remote, I wanted to watch the price is right-- who knows maybe next week I'll take a few steps you just watch me----look out world here I come!
Luv, Jaycie Claire

PS-- Can't wait to show everyone my new tricks who haven't seen me yet, especially tommorrow Daddy when you get here!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where Do We Begin?

Well, first of all our apologies for our Mommy not updating in about a week she just finally found the little grey cord that uploads her pictures to the computer and we have been dying to let you all know what we have been up too.
#1) Jaycie Turned 5 months old and about a day later she started crawling and sitting up and playing by herself. Poor mommy she thought she might have a few more months before this happened again but, theres no stopping Jaycie Claire. It all actually started happening the day after aunt Peg and uncle Reg kept her over night and practiced, practiced, practiced with her. Now she really motors and follows me everywhere I go! AHHHHH! She likes to push my tractors right along behind me I hope this doesn't mean I will have to play dolls with her.

Even our pediatrician Dr. Boe has asked mommy several times if we are sure we have her birthdate right because he can't believe the tricks she does in his office, he even brings other nurses in to see it.

#2) Is also a new Jaycie trick yesterday mommy and I looked over and she was standing up looking into our toy box. Apparently she pulled herself up to get a toy to play with I thought mommy was going to faint and when we called daddy I though he would too. Personally I always knew she had it in her she's our "Super Baby"!

#3) Ok enough is enough I can't let my little sister out do me by to0 much. So I decided to learn how to use the big potty all on my own!!! Thats right, I only where a diaper at night and on long trips now because I go number one and two in the big boy potty. It only took about one or two tries and I got it. Daddy is so excited to get home this weekend and see me go.......... it will be a real party in the Coon bathroom this weekend! Grandpa Charlie says I will be farming with him for sure now that he doesn't have to change my diaper.

Well, as you can see never a dull moment at our house Daddy says Mommy should get the mom of the century award for everything she does, Mommy just said an anniversary trip to Punta Cana in October would be nice (he agreed of course and is taking her!) Guess we're not going this time oh well, staying at grandma and grandpa's is just as fun. Wanted to also pass along that great grandma is doing fantastic she is walking and moving her fingers on her left hand! She should be going to her own place in assisted living some time soon. We are so proud of her and visit her all the time she can even hold Jaycie on her lap again and I sit on her lap with her all the time. Another update for the family is our cousin Abby started walking last week and said her first word "Jake" which is a little boy aunt Crystal watches. She is so cute and proud of herself when she makes it from one place to another. Mommy and aunt crystal took the girls on there first shopping trip to the mall together over the weekend and I thought maybe they got lost they were gone so long. They just said they had lots of shopping training to get in with the girls. I think they had a really good "girly time" man am I glad I didn't have to attend! They didn't buy the stores out but they said this was just a fall wardrobe "scouting trip"...........Oh Brother! Look for a boost in the area's economy in the coming months!

OK that about sums it up, just excited to get daddy home this weekend and visit everyone who comes to see him. We are also heading out to the fair with friends one of daddy's favorite things to do.

See Ya Soon!!
Tucker Bear