Monday, October 27, 2008


Hi everyone Daddy is coming home this weekend and we are celebrating at our house Saturday night with a "not so scarry" halloween weiner roast! Everyone is invited just let us know if you can make it by e-mail or call 309 212 1943. Costumes are highly recommended I know the Coonkids will have theres on for one last blast! Would love to see everybody there!!!
Love us

Ps. the fire will start burning around 6 pm!

We can accomodate for several but, also Mclean has a Super 8 with an indoor pool just 10 miles away right off 55 or Bloomington which is 5 minutes away has anything you want! Let me know if you need further info or want to stay!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

what we've been up to

Tucker waiting on a tram to see the farm at Papa Charlie's this weekend he was in the height of his glory with tractors working everywhere.

Jaycie Claire waiting on MaMa Debbie to pick her up for a Disney show and weekend in the quad cities

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting with the times

Have you seen these????? Its the new way to learn.

Tucker's elementary is out with the black boards, chalkboards, and dry erase boards and in with each classrooms own "smartboards" thats right Tucker will be learning in the classroom with the latest technology by next spring. These are touch boards that are ran from the teachers computer and the next step is to have a screen at each childs desk so they can interactively learn from their seats just by touching their screens and answering questions-------wow blow me away. Really glad we are working with he and Jaycie already on using the computer my little geniuses with be using them daily!

We have a school district that is needless to say in very good shape financially (thanx tax guy) and in cooperation with U of I so we will be a pilot school for this for others but it may be headed to your school next! We were notified of them this week and they will be electronically hooked up hopefully over the winter break. They are hoping to hold a demo for all us old fogie parents soon after that. How Cool Go Heyworth elementary!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


A scene in the living room this past week---------Yes they really are each others best friends-----even though they do a pretty good job of hiding that fact most days!